The Ultimate Guide: Simple Ways To Better Oily Skin During Summer

The Ultimate Guide: Simple Ways To Better Oily Skin During Summer

If you have a collection of setting powder ready to use for touch ups every hour, you already know what your skin type you belong to and have struggles with until now. Yes, it’s none other than oily skin and we are here to deal with it.

Oily skin is the result of overactive oil glands beneath the skin’s surface. The sebum and sebaceous glands produce fats that helps moisture and protect the skin from drying out, but excess oil production can cause pores in the skin to become clogged, often resulting in acne breakouts. People living in humid climates are more likely to experience oily skin. If you are not sure How to take care of oily skin, we have put together a skincare routine that you should latch onto right away.

  1. Ace the Cleansing Step

Yes, you heard us right. Washing your face more than twice would over dry the skin and prompt the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum, which will leave your face oilier. As part of your oily skin care routine, use foaming, or gel-based cleanser twice a day to clean the accumulated dirt and excess oil. For the rest of the day, rinsing it with lukewarm water is more than enough.

It’s important to carefully choose your skin care product. Select oil free face wash and soaps. Instead of commercial products that can rip off your skin’s natural oil, go with natural cleansers. Honey and lemon cleansers, rose water, neem, cucumber and turmeric cleansers are good for oily skin. Use an effective homemade mixture of gram flour and turmeric make your control excess oil and make your skin look healthy.

2. Don’t Skip the Toner

The most important and the golden rule regarding toner is to use a toner after cleansing, before moisturizing. Be it any skin type, dehydrated skin can look unhealthy and dull. Replenish it with toner. Alcohol free toners are the best to keep oily skin hydrated and help slow the aging process.

3. Scrub once a week

One of the best tricks to keep your skin less oily is to exfoliate once a week with a mild oily skin scrub. Exfoliating your skin part of your oily skin care routine keeps the excess oil in check, removes dead skin, and clears the pores, especially areas prone to whiteheads and blackheads, like the nose and chin area. Be sure to scrub your face gently and softly.

4. Indulge in Face pack

Applying face mask once a week can be very effective for people prone to oily skin. You can choose from wide variety of herbal face packs with organic extracts those are available in the market for oily skin. You can make the natural face packs for oily skin at home by using some wonderful readily available ingredients in your kitchen.

5. Use Lightweight moisturize

Yes, you heard us right again. You have to moisturize your oily skin too! Sounds contradictory, right? The truth is that with all the oil-reducing products and ingredients added to an oily skin care routine, your skin is bound to dry out. And dry skin would prompt the glands to produce more oil. To keep things in balance, oily skin needs moisturizing too. Gel based and water based moisturizers are perfect for oily skin. Aloe gel is good a good natural moisturizer for oily skin.

Tips to take care of oily skin

Even if you’re following the best skin care routine for oily skin, you still need some skin care tips and tricks to enhance your skin’s health and help the ingredients work in a better manner.

  1. First and most important step is to look for products those are labelled as oil-free and make sure they are natural, alcohol-free, and water-based formulations.
  2. Remove your makeup before you sleep. Sleeping with layers of foundations, concealers, powders. etc. can clog your pores heavily and lead to acne. Double cleanse to remove your makeup before heading to bed.
  3. Cleanse your face post a workout, if you sweat. However, even if you don’t sweat a lot, it’s best advised to cleanse your face to keep your pores from getting clogged with dirt.
  4. Don’t leave the house without sunscreen. Applying any kind of SPF will ensure that your skin is protected when you are out in the sun. But even when you are indoors or it’s raining outside, it’s best advised that you should not skip the sunscreen as the UV rays can seep through the clouds and windows as well.
  5. Make healthier meal choice by adding nutritious vitamins and consuming high water content fruits and vegetables.

Wrapping it up!

Take good care of skin during summers, avoid overexposure, and try to stay cool and avoid humidity. Good care of the skin is the only way to restore the natural balance and good health of your skin.

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