Know The Reasons For Hair Fall

Know The Reasons For Hair Fall

According to the latest survey, approximately 73% of the population is affected by persistent hair fall. Among them, only 14% visit dermatologists for the treatment, while 37% of people prefer taking a protein-rich diet. 82.5% of people prefer regular oiling to get rid of hair problem. Apart from home remedies, various other treatment options are available to stop hair fall.

Primary Reasons Responsible for Causing Hair Fall in women: 

It is a common observation that people lose 50 to 100 hair strands each day. Hair Loss remains undetected till the time new hair stop replacing hair that had already fallen out. Hair Fall occurs due to varied reasons mentioned below:

    • Family History: The most common reason for hair fall is family history or genetics which appears with age. The type of hair fall is known as alopecia, female-pattern baldness or male-pattern baldness. It appears in the form of bald spots among males, thin hair in females.
    • Hormonal Changes: Numerous factors are considered responsible for causing temporary or permanent hair fall, such as childbirth, and hormonal changes due to pregnancy.
    • Supplements and medications: There are side-effects of certain drugs especially the drugs used in the treatment of cancer, depression, arthritis, heart problems and blood pressure.
    • Radiation Therapy: Due to excessive exposure to radiation therapy, hair doesn’t grow in the same way as it was earlier.
  • Chemical Treatments and Hair Styles: Hairstyles such as cornrows and pigtails cause hair loss due to tight pulling of your hair. The condition is known as alopecia. Even hair colouring and drying cause hair to fall out in excess.

Risk factors associated with hair fall: 

  • Significant weight loss.
  • Age.
  • Family history of baldness.
  • Stress.
  • Unhealthy diet.
  • Severe Medical Complications.

Preventive Measures to reduce Hair Fall:

Baldness due to genetics can’t be prevented in both males and females. Tips to prevent certain types of hair loss are listed below in detail:

  1. Ask your doctor about the side-effects of medicine you are already taking.
  2. Protect your hair from ultraviolet rays produced from sunlight.
  3. Stop smoking, because studies have revealed that there is a relationship between smoking and hair fall in men.
  4. In case you are going for chemotherapy session, ask your doctor for a cool cap, because it can prevent you from the potential risk of hair loss as a result of chemotherapy.
  5. Touch your hair gently. Use a wide-toothed comb on wet hair, because that may help in the prevention of unnecessary pulling. Moreover, avoid using hot rollers, hot oil treatments and curling irons. Limit using rubber bands, braids and barrettes.

Tips to Stop Hair Fall in Men:

  • Use mild shampoo to wash your hair: Regular washing of hair is significant to prevent hair fall. Doing so reduces the risk of dandruff and other infections. Moreover, clean hair looks voluminous.
  • Vitamins for hair fall: Vitamins are not only essential for overall well being of individuals, but these are good for hair as well. Vitamins encourage healthy secretion of sebum from sebaceous glands. Vitamin E improves blood circulation and helps hair follicles to remain productive. Vitamin B helps retain the colour and texture of hair.
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet: Fish, Soy, and lean meats are a good source of proteins. People need to increase their protein intake.
  • A scalp massage using essential oils: People experiencing hair loss must massage their scalp using essential oils for about 5 minutes. Moreover, they can add lavender in sesame or almond oil.
  • Avoid using a brush on wet hair: Wet Hair becomes soft and sensitive to touch; therefore, Avoid combing frequently, because it may increase hair loss. In case you have to comb your hair, use a wide-toothed comb instead of using a manual comb. Use fingers to resolve tangles.
  • Ginger, Garlic and Onion Juice: Rub one of the juices on your scalp, keep it overnight and then wash it in the morning. Apply these juices daily for at least a week to see noticeable results.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drink water, at least four to eight cups in a day, because one-quarter water is contained in the hair shaft and facilitates healthy hair growth.
  • Reduce alcohol intake: Alcohol intake increases dehydration. Regular consumption of alcohol is responsible to cause Hair Loss in men. Therefore, reduce alcohol intake to see healthy hair regrowth.
  • Avoid Smoking: Smoking prohibits blood supply to the scalp that subsequently affects hair growth.
  • De-stress: Stress is a primary factor considered responsible for causing hair loss. Therefore, de-stress yourself adopting meditation in your daily life. Yoga and meditation not only release stress but restores hormonal imbalance as well.

Available Hair Fall Treatments:

People prefer allopathic treatment besides making use of numerous hair care products. Many times, it is also observed that they become resistant to the medicines they consume. Therefore, they switch to homoeopathy or herbal medicines to get rid of Hair Fall. Hair Transplant surgery is the last option in case nothing works. Men are more prone to baldness than women. Therefore, they often go for hair transplant surgery. Hair Transplant Surgery is the most reliable way to get natural-looking permanent hairline than all available alternative treatment options.

Hair Transplant: Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles are extracted from the dense area of the scalp and transplanted into the bald areas. The procedure takes approximately three to four hours; therefore, it is an out-patient procedure. People can perform their daily tasks immediately after surgery. The success of the Hair Transplant surgery depends upon the how experienced and reputed surgeon you have chosen for your hair transplant surgery. It is estimated that around 50% of men with baldness in their early thirties choose hair transplant surgery that helps restore their confidence.

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