Grooming Manual:20 Expert Hair Care Tips For Men For Luscious Hair

Grooming Manual:20 Expert Hair Care Tips For Men For Luscious Hair

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Just because men’s hair care isn’t as heavily advertised as for women, that does not mean it should be skipped. Because even though men do not have the luxury of a few thousand products being released every year, they do deserve to indulge in some vanity of their own and take care of their grooming needs.

When it comes to men, a nice hair care routine does not require several elaborative steps, nor does it need a dozen products. All it needs are a few staple products, a routine, and some hair care tips. The things worth considering come down to texture, length, cut, moisture, and style of your hair.

Keeping minimalism in mind, here are the top essential hair care tips for men:

  1. Wash Your Hair When it Becomes Oily

If you’ve ever searched for information about how frequently you should wash your hair, you’ve probably seen headlines telling you to wash “every other day,” “twice a week” or along another set, consistent schedule.

While these tips are okay, the best way to wash your hair is by taking note of how oily your skin becomes, then washing based on its appearance and feel.

Not everyone’s scalp is equally oily. While some people naturally have oily skin and hair, others have relatively dry skin that doesn’t require as much attention.

With this in mind, it’s best to wash your hair whenever you feel it becoming oily. If your scalp is naturally oily, this may mean washing your hair every day.

If you have moderate skin, you may only need to wash every other day.

If you have dry skin and see flakes developing on your scalp, it’s a reliable sign that you need to wash your hair more frequently.

2.When You Shampoo, Focus on Your Scalp

Shampoo is designed to clean away oil, dirt, dust and other unwanted substances that can build up on your skin and in your hair over time.

When you wash your hair, focus on gently massaging the shampoo into your scalp. This helps wash away oil and other unwanted substances that can affect your hair’s appearance, scent and texture, all without making your hair become overly dry or dull.

Make sure to avoid washing only your hair. Remember that your sebaceous glands (the glands in your skin that secrete oil) are found in your scalp – not in your hair – meaning your scalp needs the most attention whenever you shower.

3. Go for Gentler Shampoo and Conditioner Options

Settle for products made with non-toxic and natural cleansers that are widely available. The more exotic the ingredients get, the more are the chemicals infused to preserve them, making the product all together not very desirable.

4. Don’t Rub Your Hair with a Towel

Once you wash your hair, don’t put them under the excruciating pain of being rubbed on by a rough element such as a regular towel. Your hair, vulnerable after a wash, can get damaged and frizzy. Instead, let your hair dry at its own pace or use a cotton T-shirt/microfiber towel. When and if the situation demands, you can pat it dry and squeeze out the water gently. But the rubbing motions as shown in commercials and movies needs to be outlawed.

5.Don’t Expose Your Hair to High Heat Equipment Regularly

Constantly blow drying your hair without any heat protection product can make them lose its original shine and texture. As if the pollution and sun exposure isn’t enough, you don’t need to shove high-temperature air on your hair when you’re home. Saving it for really special days is something worth considering. But doing it every single day? Absolutely not!

6. Use Conditioner/Stay on Hair Masks

Having a conditioner routine is really good for your hair. Conditioners improve the appearance, feel, and manageability of your hair, along with reducing its internal friction. To maintain the shine and its natural softness, you must apply the conditioner at least twice a week. You can add a stay-on hair mask once a week to this routine too. You can try the oil hair mask that will help give a healthy bounce and shine to your dull hair. You can use it with dry or wet hair to give your hair an extra boost of conditioning and glass to your hair. This hair mask will restore the youthful luster of your hair.

7. If You Color Your Hair, Use Products for Color-Treated Hair

Whether you’re getting a little older and feel the need to cover up your gray hairs or simply color your hair for a different look, there’s nothing wrong with artificially coloring your hair.

However, color-treated hair requires some additional care, starting with the type of products you use in the shower.

If you color your hair, you’ll get the best results by choosing a shampoo and conditioner that are specifically designed for color-treated hair.

These products are often formulated to improve your color retention and keep your hair strong, shiny and smooth without drying it out.

Chemically treated hair is often dryer than naturally colored hair. This means that you may need to wash your hair slightly less frequently than you did before changing its color.

8. Stick To Your Styling Products

If you have found a hairstyle product that suits your hair, stick to it. Introducing brand new products to it every week can mess with its attempt to create a natural balance with some unnatural substances. And if you can, avoid styling products altogether!

9. Say “No” to the Comb-Over

There’s no better approach to call attention to a receding hairline than employing the comb-over, which is probably what you are precisely trying to avoid. Also, the non-stop maintenance will only hurt the follicles where they matter most. While hiding baldness, this method sadly speeds it up.

10. Get your Hair Trimmed at Regular Intervals

There shouldn’t be any reason for you to delay your trips to the barber. Delayed visits to the salon can result in untrimmed hair trips, product deposits, and unstructured haircuts. Going to a barber regularly is an ideal way to get your hair taken care of.

11. Shield your Hair From Chlorine

The chlorine from swimming pools can cause serious damage to your hair. One way to protect your hair from chlorine is to wet it before the swim and cover it with a mild layer of conditioner. You should also wear a latex cap while using the pool.

12. Wash your Hair with Luke-warm or Cold Water

We know you like your showers hot, but what you need for your hair is just the opposite. Cold showers make sure your blood capillaries remain intact in your scalp and make sure all the essential nutrients are given the chance to be optimized. As opposed to hot water, which not only constricts the nutrient flow but also washes out all the natural oils of your hair.

13. Get the Right Tools for your Hair

It is important that you get the best tools for regular combing and styling. The best combs should have wooden components, as opposed to it being of PVC plastic. Wooden combs can help fight dandruff and reduce hair fall, and promote blood circulation.

14. Healthy eating habits

There are many reasons for premature balding. One of them is not eating healthy food. A diet containing raw vegetables is known to reduce balding in men. It is suggested that you take greens and basil more than thrice every week. The follicles are mostly made from proteins. Hence it is necessary to include it in your diet. Proteins can be found in eggs, chicken, fish along with peas and beans. Food rich in vitamins also helps in preventing hair loss.

15. Vitamins prevent hair loss

Deficiency in vitamins is a significant worry for balding men. It is a primary reason for hair loss, and you need vitamins from a balanced diet. Vitamins are useful for your hair in various ways. Vitamin A helps the skin to secrete sebum that helps to keep the scalp healthy by moisturizing it. Vitamin B helps in making of the red blood cells that are the carriers of oxygen and other nutrients to the scalp. Vitamin C creates a protein – collagen which is an essential constituent for your hair and along with Vitamin E, is an antioxidant.

16. Drink sufficient amount of water

Most of us do exercises every day to stay fit. But without healthy hair, most of it is useless. Healthy hair is essential for good looks. Balding is a major worry for men. You can reduce your concerns by hydrating your hair. If your hair lacks water, it will get dry and ultimately fall off. It is recommended to have at least eight glasses (200-250 ml) of water every day to ensure that your hair stays healthy.

17. Minimise stress

Relentless work pressure throughout the week is a significant cause of stress in most men. Again, stress is a significant cause of hair loss in men. There are various conditions when stress can push the hair out of your head, or your immune system could attack the follicles, making it fall. The best way out is to manage your stress effectively. An option is to meditate regularly. Exercises and yoga can also help.

18. Dismiss Unnatural Hats

Most synthetic fibers cling to hair in an aggressively unnatural way. Repeated exposure to rough man-made fabrics will mangle strands badly over time. Luckily, natural materials like wool don’t impart the same adverse outcomes. The hair may still get tousled, but it will only be temporary. To minimize difficulties even more, aim for looser fitting caps and breathable exteriors.

19. Give up smoking and alcohol

If you are a regular smoker or an alcohol addict, the chances of you going bald prematurely are high. Daily intake of alcohol can lead to severe hair loss. Consumption of alcohol in high proportions can lead to spikes in blood sugar levels. It could lead to a reduction of the hair follicles. Alcoholics also have irregular diet patterns which are harmful to hair. Smoking is another habit that you need to give up. It reduces blood flow to the scalp and leads to hair loss. Moreover, nicotine also damages hair follicles.

20. Be Patient With Your Hair

If you notice that your hair is suddenly falling or greying, don’t stress out. Instead, seek professional help and invest in the right hair care products. Your hair will look much better when you treat it gently. 

Men’s Hair Care Tips

From choosing the right shampoo to using conditioner, loosening off overly tight hairstyles and keeping your hair protected from the sun, a few simple habits can have a large positive impact on the strength, feel and appearance of your hair.

As for male pattern baldness, hair loss treatments such as Hair Transplant, PRP Therapy and more can protect and maintain your follicles for decades when used properly.

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