• GIC payable Amount: CAD 10150
  • Processing Fee: CAD 150
  • Fully Online fee Banking lifetime (save $1300 annually)
  • Access to 3800+ ATMs
  • Same day GIC letter issuance
  • Activate GIC account on a call
  • Cash back CC of $2000 with Innerx
  • Get Debit card in India (45 days prior to arrival date)
  • No fee deduction while refund
  • How to open the account

Step 1: Go to https://www.simplii.com/ or type CIBC simplii GIC login In google

Step 2: Click on Apply Now and Select option one

Fill the complete form

Step 3: Fill the referral details (mention “Innerx”) as below to claim the GIC account opening reward from Innerx. Ensure to select “NO” in referral program and continue

Step 4: Verification process.

Select option 1: Real time verification if the student is available in the office. On selecting real time verification, student will be required to take a selfie and upload a picture of Passport on the link sent to the student.

Note: This option ensures the immediate verification of the student account and quicker process.


Choose option 3 of Manual verification.
This process would require student to provide some information related to the passport and upload the passport copy.

After completing the Verification process, student will receive the Instruction letter on making the GIC payment.

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